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My Plans Are Ruined!

Posted on | June 30, 2016 | Comments Off

I have to drive a whole hour and a half tomorrow morning just so I can get my insurance fixed. The fact that I have to drive that far and they can’t just do it on the phone really irritates me. This is the third time I have to go. I had plans to hang out with my BBW fuck buddy today to, so my plans are ruined big time! I never get a day of to have fun and the one day that I do I am going to be stuck in some cramped office filling out paperwork. I was almost tempted to see if he wanted to go with me but I think that would be crossing the line with our relationship. I guess I just have to wait another week or two before we hang out. Not what I really wanted to do, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Fed Up

Posted on | March 15, 2016 | Comments Off

My husband works out of town half of the month for a construction company. I hate it so much because I am stuck doing EVERYTHING! My workdays I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning to get myself ready. After that it is getting the kids dressed, dropped off at daycare and then on to work for 10 hours. When work is over I pick the kids up and get them home and help them with their homework. Dinner has to be made so I always try to make something quick and easy. All of the other household duties such as laundry, dishes and cleaning gets done little by little each day. I have added a new little thing into my schedule, a fuck local when my kids go to bed. It’s very wrong and selfish of me but I am fed up doing everything myself! I see myself on the road to divorce very soon.

Falling Out Of Love

Posted on | March 4, 2016 | Comments Off

It is something that makes me feel really sad but I have come to the conclusion that I am falling out of love with my Phil.

Phil and I have been together since we were in the final year of secondary school. We started off as very good friends but became lovers when I reached the age of sixteen. That was fifteen years ago and looking back we have shared lots of very good years together. Recently though, we have both been acting like fuck buddies instead of long-terms partners. We seem to have lost the real closeness that we used to enjoy and now we just have random sex and hardly speak to each other in between our sex sessions.

I really don’t want to lose him but if I don’t love him any more I doubt that we will be able to keep our relationship going for much longer and I know that he probably feels the same.

Right Or Wrong

Posted on | January 15, 2016 | Comments Off

About two months ago I moved from the second floor apartment to the third floor. The apartment I was in had no heat, only two burners worked on the stove, the walls were nasty, and the list goes on and on. The reason I chose to go to the third floor studio apartment is because I could not make my daughter suffer in the place along with me. Apparently before me there was a guy from Leicester escorts living there and he completely trashed the place. Why my landlord did not bother to fix the place, I do not know. I was aware of most of the issues upon moving in I just needed a roof over our heads in the worst way ever. We were kicked out of her fathers house rather quickly so I really had no other choice but to move into this slum hole of a building.


Posted on | January 9, 2016 | Comments Off

I was wanting to change my career from a Nottingham escorts companion to a bartender. My decision for this change is because I was too tired of having intimate moments with multiple partners. On the upside I like the decision that I made because I love to drink. It did not take me long and I was provided with all of my food safety and alcohol licenses that I needed.

At first I liked working at the vibrant and classy bars and that started to get old very fast. I was so used to having a ton of money and this job was just not cutting it for me. So I decided to work at the bar part time and be a companion again part time for only a couple of my good paying clients. Now I am not exhausted as I used to be and my schedule is still flexible.

Long Gone

Posted on | September 17, 2015 | Comments Off

Now that it is fall time, my weekly pay is going to drastically change. I own my very own housekeeping business and a variety of my customers are just guests for the winter. This tends to be very common for tourist towns. What I really hate about this time a year on top of my hours being diminished, is the fact that my fuck buddy has to go back home to New Jersey. During the summer season I clean his house along with many other customers. Although we keep in touch every year when he travels back home, I still long for his company which makes for a long six months of waiting. I tend to overthink things during that time and often jump to some silly conclusions. The time apart is not good for anyone.

The Importance Of A Memory

Posted on | July 12, 2015 | Comments Off

I hate when people say that they have such a terrible life because honestly it could be way worse. I have seen so many things being in the service that I wish I could just shake sense into people, especially my incoherent MILF fuck buddy! Just because you do not own all the hot things on the market does not mean that you are poor. What it means is that your focus lies in areas that are more important. For instance I would much rather go out on a family trip with my kids rather than spend money on a new smart phone. To me memories are something that will last a lifetime and phones may only last a day, you never know. If every knew the importance of a memory I think there would be a lot of changes made to the world. People would actually take the time to listen and understand.

Good Job, Flexible Hours, Well Paid… Where Do I Sign?

Posted on | October 26, 2014 | Comments Off

Needs be when the devil drives, and in this economy there really are fewer and fewer options left for making real money at your job unless you want to put in a huge amount of work. I didn’t, and neither did a friend of mine. what she was willing to do though was to cash in on the good looks her mother gave her and use them for a career as an escort. I was pretty skeptical at first, but she went through with it. Worked out well for her too. She got with a good agency, kept her head and made sure that she asked all of the right questions before she started working. In fact, it worked out so well for her that I’ve been thinking about becoming a member of the Mansfield escorts scene myself. After all, you can never have a job that’s too secure today.